Culture is a word commonly thrown around and is something relatively intangible to measure. One thing many agree on is that as an organization scales, it gets harder to maintain the same sense of community it once had. One of Select Management Group’s top priorities is to foster a forward-thinking, harmonious, and collaborative culture – something uncommon in Hollywood, an industry known for its power struggles and unfair deal making.

From our senior leadership to our wider team and from our clients to the industry community, we carefully align with those who embody our values and vision for the future.

Our Goals and Commitments


Best in class business building for our clients

Reliable and valued partners in the industry

Treat everyone we interface with only the utmost respect

Our Values

Take challenges in stride. Be the rock for those around us

People come first

Do what’s right, not what’s easy

Loyalty and honesty > money and notoriety

Information is power

Give back and give others the tools to give back

Inclusion & Diversity

We feel it is vital for diverse, intersectional voices to be amplified including those of women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and other underrepresented groups. We were among the first to champion some of the most diverse talent Hollywood has ever seen. We are proud to have a senior leadership team that has achieved gender equality. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, or status as an individual with a disability.


We believe the idea of stringent work/life balance is antiquated. We believe in adaptability and having the skills to prioritize different aspects of ones’ life at different times. During important life events such as welcoming a child, getting married, or grieving the loss of a loved one, someone may need to place a lower priority on their work. During a busy period with their work they may need to reprioritize certain aspects of their personal life. There is no formula and we believe balancing work and life is a constant recalibration. We empower our team and clients to find what works for them and balance their mental health, productivity, and purpose. We offer an open vacation policy, best-in-class family leave, health insurance, and philanthropic opportunities.