Select Impact Presents The Future She Built



Select Impact gathered top women executives from Capitol Music Group, SAG-AFTRA, LA Sparks, Annenberg Inclusion Initiative to discuss “What’s Next?” for gender equality and inclusion in entertainment

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 19, 2018 – Last night, Select Management Group, the leading digital-first talent management company, announced the launch of Select Impact, the company’s pro-social and community outreach arm. Select Impact’s launch event, “The Future She Built,” gathered top women executives for a conversation on the state of inclusion across the entertainment industry. Presented in partnership with Capitol Music Group, the event was held at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood. Select, which represents the world’s top digital creators including Gigi Gorgeous, Eva Gutowski, LaurDIY and more, launched Select Impact to inspire its team, partners, talent, and their global audiences, to leverage their massive influence to inspire change around key social issues. The division will provide resources and opportunities to connect with thought leaders during fireside chats and mixers, along with developing charitable and social campaigns. “Select’s history of working with our talent to spark conversations about inclusion, change and assisting philanthropic groups paved the way to launch Select Impact,” said Alisa Ben, vp and head of operations at Select. “Select Impact will provide the next generation of thought leaders opportunities to achieve our key missions: Empowering Future Innovators, Fostering Diverse Communities, and Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing.” “The Future She Built” Event Recap Select Impact’s first event, “The Future She Built,” presented leading women executives to an audience of local students and industry colleagues, discussing the state of gender equality in the entertainment industry and what’s next following the kick-off of #MeToo and Time’s Up in 2017. Panelists included COO of Capitol Music Group, Michelle Jubelirer, President of SAG-AFTRA, Gabrielle Carteris, President & COO of the LA Sparks, Christine Simmons, and Founder/Director of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative Stacy L. Smith (the architect behind the Inclusion Rider). PHOTO LINK: “The Future She Built” - Photos should be credited to Select Management Group Highlights from the “The Future She Built” includes: Michelle Jubelirer, COO of Capitol Music Group, explaining her philosophy on mentoring and hiring best practices to promote diversity on her team: ­“Diversity to me is anyone that is not a heterosexual white male...I think it’s critically important given my role now that I support anyone and everyone in the business and try and raise people up from underserved populations.” Stacy L. Smith, Founder/Director of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, discussing the inspiration behind her Inclusion Rider initiative: “The problem with Hollywood is not implicit bias. Most of these biases are actually quite explicit, and I thought that if we could put it in a contract, we are going to have to actually slow down casting directors who are largely white and female, who are perpetuating inequality…until they change who gets auditioned and who gets interviewed, who gets cast and who gets considered because right now it’s a closed system…until that changes we will not see Hollywood change.” Stacy L. Smith on mmomentum she hopes for after Frances McDormand mentioned Inclusion Rider in her Academy Awards speech: “Diversity is about numbers. Inclusion is about having a voice or a seat at the table. And belonging is what we are all longing be really a part of the team…you are fully integrated. That’s the goal.” Christine Simmons, President & COO of the LA Sparks, on how gender and racial inequality effect humanity as a whole: “We have to stop looking at it as ‘her problem’ or ‘his problem’…that is my problem as much as it is his problem or his community...until we own it as a human race we are going to continue to repeat the cycle over and over again.” Gabrielle Carteris, President of SAG-AFTRA, on inequality being rampant outside the entertainment industry. “This is an issue all over the world. Sexism, exclusion, lack of equity and inclusion it exists everywhere and until we really speak that truth I’m concerned that we’ll never really make change.” For more, visit About Select Management Group Select is the leading digital-first talent management company. Led by partners Scott Fisher and Adam Wescott, the company takes a fresh approach to managing talent in the digital age, developing and expanding the careers of top creators including including Gigi Gorgeous, LaurDIY, MyLifeAsEva, and more. The company is also responsible for numerous landmark deals with major brands seeking to connect with Gen Z and millennial consumers through digital talent. The company has leveraged deals for digital talent with brands including Fanta, Revlon, Starbucks, Crest and more. In 2017, SelectNext - the company’s entertainment arm that develops original, owned-and-operated business ventures and productions - released the Streamy winning full-length feature documentary “This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous.” The film made history as the first YouTube Red Original to premiere as an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival. SelectNext also produced the six-episode half hour scripted comedy, “Me and My Grandma,” starring MyLifeAsEva for YouTube Red.   Press Coverage "Inventor of the Inclusion Rider Discusses Why the Initiative Is Necessary at Panel"...Variety "Inclusion rider inventor Stacy Smith says hiring practices have to change for equity in Hollywood"...First Post "‘The Future She Built’ Panel Talks Inclusion Rider, Diversity Problems – MovieMagic"...Movie Magic "Capitol Music Group Launches Music Innovation Center"...Hypebot "Select Management Launches ‘Impact’ Division To Promote Social Change"...Tubefilter