MyLifeAsEva Official Book Announcement!

From the popular YouTube personality Eva Gutowski comes an amazing book on all the ups and downs of life that everyone goes through, but no one is able to easily push through. From living on a diet of ramen noodles (and the occasional lucky maple poptart), to getting dumped not one- not two, but three times in high school, Eva has truly seen the craziest of times. She wants you to laugh, cry, and resonate with her beyond-embarrassing moments, in the hopes that you too will see that the joy in life is getting through it all with nothing but a smile—because your smile is pretty dang special.

 Also…Eva wrote this. Hi guys. It’s me. Buy my book please! I worked hard on it and even cried on the last page, so if you’re lucky you might get the book with my tear stain in it. #schnitzelsquad #evanators

Eva's book is on sale February 14th, 2017. Pre-order your copy here today!