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How to Make Millions as a YouTube Star Jan. 2, 2016, 10:13 AM

While YouTube stars often share the intimate details of their lives to millions of fans, there's one thing they usually leave out: money. We hear conflicting mumblings. We hear that YouTube star PewDiePie has reportedly made $12 million, and that he’s not the only one to score a big payday. But we also hear that stars with half a million subscribers can sometimes struggle to make ends meet. There’s a disconnect that comes from both the complicated nature of how these stars actually make money, and the lack of standardization in the industry. We talked to Scott Fisher and Adam Wescott, who manage YouTube stars like MyLifeAsEva (5 million subscribers) and LaurDIY (2.6 million subscribers), to get a sense of how the industry is evolving, and where the money is coming from. Click HERE to the read the full article on