Gigi Gorgeous Teams Up With Friend Kylie Jenner

Gigi Gorgeous teams up with her good friend, the makeup and style queen herself, Kylie Jenner to produce a series of makeup tutorials entitled "Help! My Face is F-ed". The series will live exclusively on Kylie's new app and website. To kick off the series, Gigi and Kylie collaborated for a challenge video on Gigi's channel:Check out the new episodes: Gigi Gorgeous to The Rescue: Under-Eye Concealer ... [] Press Coverage: Kylie Jenner and Gigi Gorgeous Help One Girl Fix Her Clumpy Lashes with This Genius Mascara Hack ... []   Gigi Gorgeous and Kylie Jenner Put Their Friendship to the Test ...  [] Kylie Jenner Launches ... [] Gigi Gorgeous Opens Up About What It Was Really Like Collaborating With Kylie Jenner ... []