'This Is Everything' And The Team Behind It Featured In Forbes

'This Is Everything': How Gigi Gorgeous Transitioned Into A YouTube Inspiration "This Is Everything" is a big deal. But appropriate to its title, the documentary, which premieres on YouTube Red today, is not momentous for only one reason: A YouTube Red documentary had an Oscar-winning director in Barbara Kopple, it premiered as an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival, the star of the documentary is not only a transgender celebrity but her transition was part of her evolution as a YouTuber. For Gigi Lazzarato, better known as Gigi Gorgeous, it is clearly a big moment personally. Being the subject of features and reviews in The New York TimesVarietyL.A. Times, the CBC (she's Canadian) and many more has to be, for lack of a better term, very cool. It's also a big moment for digital entertainment pioneers Scott Fisher and Adam Wescott, founder and co-founder of Select Management Group. 'This is Everything is their first shots as executive producers of a feature-length documentary under the SelectNext label. It's also a big deal for anyone in America, and beyond, who both aspire to embody their true identity and to offer that identity as a center for a massive community. That is certainly what Lazzarato has accomplished. But what about YouTube? Is it a big deal for the company or it's premium service, Red? Read the rest of the Forbes article here.