Christian Siriano's "People are People" with Gigi Gorgeous, More

Gigi Gorgeous stars alongside other diverse women in Christian Siriano's ad for the new fragrance "People are People." "I wanted it to be a diverse group of people to show that I don’t care who you are or what walk of life you come from, you can wear this fragrance, you can buy our clothes — you should feel celebrated in some way," Siriano shared of the photo shoot. "This is not for advertising. It’s not to make money off anything, we’re not doing billboards, we’re not doing ads in magazines. This is really just to bring a little awareness of what I think a fashion editorial should look like. It’s a call to action to show that this is what is beautiful in our fashion world, or just in our world in general. It’s about seeing all these beautiful people celebrating one another together, which I think is really a great thing." Christian Siriano's latest fragrance is available now at Payless.

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