Byron Talbott Recreates Xfinity TV Dinners

Master YouTube chef Byron Talbott partners with Comcast's Xfinity to create "TV dinners" inspired by the popular Xfinity shows "Game of Thrones," "Orange Is the New Black" and Marvel's "Luke Cage." The dinners were served up at this years Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego, where fans could enjoy the same foods eaten by their favorite characters in rooms built to look just like living spaces from the shows. Follow along below to create one of Byron's dishes! Press Coverage: Eat an 'Orange Is the New Black' Candy Shiv or 'Game of Thrones' Beast Jerky at This Comic-Con Diner...Creativity-online Xfinity’s TV Diner lets you eat in Game of Thrones, Luke Cage settings at Comic-Con...Fansided Game of Thrones Fans Can Dine In Westeros at Comic-Con...Food&Wine