5 Reasons We Created a Digital-Only Talent Management Firm

In 2011, the disparate differences between traditional and digital talent were vast enough that I set out to build one of the first digitally focused talent management firms.Recognizing the lessons we can learn from traditional media with the balance between innovation and time-tested models is vital as we move forward. Being the voice for talent is an age-old trade, but in the digital world, we had to approach things a little differently to break through. Through the years of building my business, I’ve noticed five key differences in the two worlds.Here's the five key reasons a digital-only talent management firm was necessary and what it says about the differences in approach to new and traditional media in developing brand strategies for each.

1. New rules had to be written.

The traditional entertainment business had been operating the same way for many generations with the deals, players and buyers remaining essentially unchanged.With digital, we didn’t have to play by those pre-existing rules. We were able to pave new roads, which led to talent controlling the power; deals moving quickly; and traditional gatekeepers having less leverage than ever. If we weren’t able to rewrite the rules, we wouldn’t have carved out our niche. Read more here.