Mar 10, 2017

Meredith Foster Launches Benefit Hippie Cheek Campaign

Meredith Foster has partnered in Benefit’s Hippie Cheek campaign to launch a new blush, Galifornia. On March 21, the blush will be available online, and the collaboration will appear on the girls’ YouTube channels and on displays in stores. The campaign will launch a few new products including Galifornia, Hoola Lite, and Dandelion Twinkle, as well as feature bestselling items like Dandelion and Hoola bronzer. A combo cheek palette including Galifornia, Hoola Lite, Hoola, Rockateur, and Dandelion will also be available for purchase.

Press Coverage: 

“Benefit Turns to Influencers to Lift Cheek Biz”…WWD